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FORS stands for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, and it is a voluntary accreditation scheme that promotes best practices for fleet operators in the UK. It provides a framework for companies to manage and measure their performance in areas such as safety, efficiency, and environmental impact.

To become FORS accredited, companies must meet a series of strict requirements, including implementing robust policies and procedures, maintaining high levels of driver training, and demonstrating compliance with various industry regulations. Companies are also required to undergo regular audits to ensure that they are meeting the required standards.

At Baxter Supplies LTD, we are proud to be FORS accredited. We believe that the accreditation demonstrates our commitment to operating in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner. We have worked hard to meet the FORS requirements and maintain our accreditation, and we believe that it sets us apart from other fleet operators in the industry.

Being FORS accredited has many benefits for our company and our customers. It helps us to reduce our environmental impact by promoting efficient driving practices and reducing fuel consumption. It also helps us to improve the safety of our operations by ensuring that our vehicles are well-maintained and our drivers are properly trained.

In addition to these benefits, being FORS accredited also provides assurance to our customers that we are operating to the highest standards in the industry. It demonstrates our commitment to delivering reliable, high-quality services, and it gives our customers peace of mind knowing that they are working with a reputable and trustworthy company.

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