Aggregates Supplies



  • MOT
  • Grit Sand / Washed Grit Sand
  • Top Soil (grade 1 & 2)
  • Pipe Bedding
  • 6F2
  • Planings
  • Decorative Gravels

At Baxter Supplies Ltd, we understand the importance of having a reliable supply of high-quality aggregates for construction projects. That’s why we offer a wide range of aggregates supplies sourced from trusted suppliers across the region.

  • Sand: Our sand is sourced from local quarries and is available in various grades to meet the needs of different projects. We offer both natural and manufactured sand.

  • Gravel: Our gravel is available in different sizes and is ideal for use in road construction, landscaping, and drainage systems.

  • Crushed Stone: Our crushed stone is made from hard rock and is ideal for use in concrete, asphalt, and road construction.

  • Recycled Concrete: We also offer recycled concrete aggregates, which are made from crushed concrete and can be used in a range of construction projects.

Baxter Supplies Limited
Baxter Supplies Limited

All our aggregates are tested for quality to ensure they meet industry standards and are safe for use in construction. We can also provide custom blends of aggregates to meet specific project requirements.

We have a large inventory of aggregates in stock and can deliver them directly to your job site. Our delivery fleet includes trucks of different sizes to ensure we can accommodate projects of any size. We can also provide bulk deliveries for larger projects.

Our team of experts can help you select the right aggregates for your project and provide guidance on quantities and delivery options. Contact us today to learn more about our aggregates supplies and how we can help you with your construction needs.

Aggregates are typically sourced from natural deposits or are manufactured through crushing rocks, stones, or concrete. The quality of aggregates is important to ensure that the resulting construction is durable and meets safety standards.

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